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Supergirl Costume

All the info you need to create your own supergirl costume, from scratch!

This costume was based roughly off of this photo, which was drawn by nightwing1975 and can be found here

I love this drawing, it was really inspirational for me, so I wanted to make it the base idea for the costume. I hope you have as much fun making this costume as I did!

Links to each segment:

Shirt & Skirt

Belt, Cape, Logo


Here is the finished costume:

Me wearing it to a comic-con.


5 responses »

  1. how do you make it????

  2. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing. This helps me a lot. You are very talented and look fab!

  3. so nice!
    thanks for the idea! :))

  4. good but can you tell us how to make it???because that would be much more better than just showing it to us.


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